3 Ways Designers and Developers Can Work Better Together

Code development and software design are important in their own distinct ways. But before software is released in the market, people must first ensure its quality — and this is where designers and developers usually clash. How can they collaborate better together? Here are three ways.

1) Practice Empathy

Empathy refers to how individuals can understand how others feel. In the world of software, designers and developers can work better together if they appreciated each other’s output. For one, developers are responsible for all the code. On the other hand, designers ensure that the product is user-friendly.

In other words, people should acknowledge each other’s strengths. Likewise, empathy should help them know that there are also limitations. But even if there are differences between designers and developers, they are all stip part of the same team. A little patience and understanding go a long way.

Designers should know why developers spend a lot of time building code for various aspects of a product. On a similar note, developers should see the value of design. After all, the design is not all about the appearance. It is about the harmony of function and aesthetics.

2) Have Meetings

This may seem counterproductive since the time could be spent on working on the product itself, but having meetings is crucial. When you have two groups of people, you need them to clarify conditions. Changes happen all the time — and people should communicate them to others as fast as possible.

Conflicts usually occur because one side of the team did not provide updates. If there are any changes in the code or in the design, the people should meet up. Thus, the meetings don’t always have to happen. If everything’s going fine, people should stick to doing their respective jobs.

But if there are updates, then a quick meeting will do. Any designer or developer who isn’t in the office should be informed through digital means: Skype calls, video chat, or emails. Just remember that a VPN connection on Mac or PC is necessary for securing online communication.

3) Understand Limits

While people are free to make suggestions, they should keep resources in mind. Designers should know about time and financial constraints; they shouldn’t just ask developers for a complete code overhaul on short notice. Likewise, developers should give designers enough time to evaluate the software.

Designers and developers both have value in the software industry. What is important is for them to communicate their ideas better. When they know what each can do for the other, they can achieve efficiency.